Gardening in Lockdown.

This year 2020 has been  weird we all agree. The coronavirus called Covid19 is changing the world. Here in Dorset it all feels unreal as though it all happened to some one else. The roads were quiet, but now despite the gloomy news people are still driving and the roads are back to normal. The birds are singing louder than ever, but the news is bleak.

If you have a garden to sit in or room to grow plants,  there was little excuse not to be interested in growing things.  More people than ever tried growing vegetables, but as we know early success has no guarantee of continuing.

Some garden centres had to shut down and had a dreadful season, others because they sold bird food and hardware sundries kept open and made a great profit. Life and business was never fair.

The good spring weather with no gales or frost at blossom time has meant a wonderful crop of top fruit, we have never had so many Apples and Pears. But more than one household can use. Village Harvest Swops became a reality for many villages as Harvest Flower and Produce shows were cancelled up and down the country.  Perhaps with Brexit withdrawal in December we will need that stored produce to survive a LockDown Winter.